Rain Barrel Soaker Hose Kit #193


Complete with rain barrel soaker hose, poly tubing, filter and fittings. Complete kit, ready to hook up to your rain barrel. Expandable, by purchasing extra soaker hose, poly tubing and/or fittings. Kit comes poly bagged with complete installation instructions. Get your barrel and start watering your vegetables, flowers,  trees and shrubs this spring with the best water available, Mother Natures. Even better, it's free water!


Part Number 190 178 107-200
Item Rain Barrel Soaker Hose Poly Tubing T-Filter, cleanable 200 mesh
Quantity 50' 10' 1


Part Number 109 123 113 141
Item Female Hose End Tee Coupling Cap
Quantity 1 1 3 2

                  #193T  Rain Barrel Soaker Hose Kit  With Timer: includes the #540 Two Dial, Solar Timer with Rain Sensor



 540 Rain Barrel Timer Features
  • *Solar Panel

  • Rain Sensor

  • Clear Cover

  • Preset Programs

  • **AA Batteries

  • Low Battery Indicator

  • Mesh Filter Washer

  • Operating Temperature: 40F-110F

  • Operating Pressure 0-80 PSI

  • Dial Display

  • Programming :

       How Long: 1 Hr 7 Days

       How Often: 3 Min 2 Hrs

  • Warranty:  1 year

  • ***Extra Filtration Recommended

  • Weather Proof (not water proof, do not submerge unit in water)

* Solar = AA Rechargeable Batteries are re-charged via the sun. Timer operation is 24/7.

** When using AA Rechargeable Batteries in conjunction with the solar panel, be sure batteries are fully charged the first time. AA Alkaline may be used, but will not recharge.

*** A 200 mesh filter is recommended before the timer when used with zero pressure